You can rely on one of Featherlite’s Bumper Pull Car Trailers to make your car shine, whether you’re at a car show or race track. An open car trailer is your best bet for showcasing your car and turning heads, while enclosed bumper pull car trailers keep your vehicle protected and primed until you’re ready to reveal it. And while you’re on the road, enjoy the bumper pull’s ease of handling and lighter weight!

Model 1611 Car / Utility Trailer  Like many of Featherlite’s bumper pull car trailers, Model 1611 comes in several lengths from 12’ to 24’. The inside height of the trailer is a standard 6’6” with an option to expand to 7’6″. The 1611 offers all the benefits of all-aluminum construction. Options include a rear ramp extension, a remote-controlled winch and airliner or A-track.  Specification Page

Model 3109 Car Trailer  Model 3109 car trailer measures 6’7” wide and 19’ long and includes two 5’ long ramps that store under the trailer. It also features an aluminum treadplate floor, and an optional storage box in the front of the trailer with doors is available.  Specification Page

Model 3110 Car Trailer  The open car trailer Model 3110 ranges in length from 14’ to 24’. It has a width of 8’ or 8’6”, depending on the trailer’s length. The trailer rides on two rubber torsion axles with electric brakes. Two easy-load ramps store underneath the trailer. Popular options include airliner track, a wood floor and rear folding ramps. The 17’6″ and 20′ Model 3110 can also be outfitted to haul skid loaders with crossmembers on 8” centers, extra reinforcement and heavy duty ramps.  Specification Page

Model 3110 Wedge Car Trailer  Wedge car trailer Model 3110 is 8’6” wide and 20’ long and is designed with a gradual slope to allow for hauling wider vehicles. It includes 6000# axles, 8’ ramps, four stainless steel swivel D tie downs and a treadplate front and top.  Specification Page

Model 3192 Car / Utility Trailer  Measuring 8’6” wide and 14’ long with a topper width of 6’5”, Model 3192 includes two 6’ long ramps with storage underneath the trailer, removable fenders, skid resistant extruded aluminum floor and stainless steel swivel “D” tie downs. The topper includes double rear doors, lift rings and tie down latches to attach to the trailer.  Specification Page

Model 4926 Car Trailer  The first choice in selecting a Model 4926 car trailer is its length, which ranges from 16’ to 32’. The width is a constant 8’6” while the inside height of the trailer is 6’6”. Long-lasting rubber torsion axles with electric brakes provide a smooth and safe journey. The bumper pull car trailer 4926 also offers almost limitless options. Enhance your trailer’s styling with side sheets that come in many colors. Striking dual-color and tri-color panels are also available. Expand the functionality with cabinets and interior LED lights.  Specification Page

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